Family Go Karting Day 8th December 2013 at Oxford Carting


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What an amazing day we all had… with special thanks to Oxford Carting and their team for their incredible generosity in providing the setting for a great family day out carting. Alec’s Angels also provided the refreshments for the whole day, for all the families.

The day began with the younger group (8 to 11 year olds) arriving to be greeted by Our Stig, The children went on the track and Our Stig joined them for some racing fun. The track was just like a normal road surface, with a little dampness and interesting corners that made it a challenge for the children to tackle.
The second session (12 – 15 year olds) went on and again, Our Stig made the race very exciting. With the track being dryer for this group, they were able to put up a good battle to Our Stig.

The third session (16 and over) was like a bare knuckle ride, with extreme speed in places. The session for this age group was a race for first place, with no holds barred.

At the finish of the day, each driver was presented with a medal, a certificate and a photo opportunity with Our Stig. It was really wonderful to watch the children collect their awards.

We would like to give a huge thanks to all our volunteers, the families and the drivers for making this day very special for everyone. We would also like to thank Steve and Alan at Greenlight Autos in Buckingham, for the time and energy they spent in making a customised Alec’s Angel’s cart with a dual passenger driver seat. The cart enabled Bryn to race with Our Stig.

After the event, Oxford Carting, the owners of the track, said that they got a great deal from the day and enjoyed watching the children have so much fun that they waved their fee and asked that the money be donated back to the charity. They said that it would mean a lot to their team to help Alec’s Angels bring more smiles to other children.

Thank you to everyone.

Just when we thought that the day could not get better we received this amazing letter…

Dear Brian,

Thank you so much for such a fabulous day at Oxford Karting on Sunday. My three boys are still glowing from their experience with The Stig. Aidan and Morgan got to do a little presentation at school with photos and certificates. Bryn took a write up of the day to school and its also on his Team Bryn facebook page.

My Day With The Stig

Thanks to Alec’s Angels I got to be a ‘star in a reasonably priced (go)car(t)’ and met someone very special

Some say he is powered by a cocktail of alcohol and petrol (not Dad). All I know is he’s called ‘The Stig’ (and has gentle hands!)

At first we all found him a bit scary – silent and still, giving that mildly menacing ‘visor stare’ until he got what he wanted (a bit like the look Mummy gives Daddy when her wine glass is empty!)

Then I got dressed in nomex (a race suit), a neck brace and helmet and the marshalls helped me get in a special 2 seat go-kart with the Stig. It was amazing … If Bugatti did wheelchairs they would be like this!! The faster we lapped the more I giggled. The more I giggled, the more I dribbled (sorry to whoever the helmet next!). I think the g force glued a big smile on my face and The Stig gave me a medal!

Morgan then did some crazy sideways power laps with The Stig and Aidan raced him head to head. They kept swapping lead but Aidan won … Just !!

What a fabulous day! But best of all, when The Stig helped me out of the go-kart, he had to lift his visor a little … and I saw what was behind the visor!!!….
…. but I promised not to tell anyone …and you wouldn’t believe me anyway!!!

Thank you so much again to Alec’s Angels for giving us all such fun memories.

Thanks again, we all had an amazing day.

Best regards,
Rhianon Hitchcock


It’s A Knockout 2013


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Smile…it’s show time!

by Dr Jan Sofair, Photoshoot Magazine


The first people who greeted me when I arrived in Winslow that Sunday morning were Kimberly and her mum, Julie Chapman. Julie is Alec’s aunt and Kim, as she likes to be known, is Alec’s cousin. That set the scene for the day. Not just the smiles and warmth that came from this lovely lady and her teenage daughter, but the fact that nearly every helper I met on that wonderful day was either related to little Alec, a friend of the family, a neighbour, a workmate of Alec’s parents, a friend of a friend, a health professional who cared for him when he became poorly, or just someone who had heard this young boy’s story and wanted to do something positive in his memory…and so it went on.

Alec Jarvis died aged 9, in March 2011. He had been diagnosed in February 2010 with an astrocytoma, a tumour in the brain stem. Despite having every treatment available, he sadly passed away the following year. Alec’s parents, Brian and Sara, took this personal tragedy and formed the charity known as Alec’s Angels. They did this in honour of their son because of the love and care that he had shown to other children suffering like him, even throughout the gruelling tests, radiotherapy and chemotherapy he was undergoing. Alec’s Angels has two main aims. The first is to make children suffering with cancer SMILE, as requested by Alec himself. The second is to support the families who, as Brian and Sara know, find some of the smaller things in life impossible to manage when dealing with childhood cancer. Alec’s Angels supports two other charities who gave them support during their son’s illness and beyond. They are Helen and Douglas House Children’s Hospice, and Clic Sargent. Details of these charities can be found on Alec’s Angels website: In addition to its support of these charities, Alec’s Angels has also created THE SMILE FUND, which is based at the Children’s Hospital Oxford, on Kamran Ward, where Alec was treated. Its purpose is to give direct support to the medical team and their work there.

This is the second year that the charity has used Graham Fisher’s International ‘It’s a Knockout’ as the main event for its fun day in Winslow. Last year it raised over £7,000. It is hoped that this year’s event will see Alec’s Angels do equally well, if not better, despite the clouds and drizzle that threatened it all day. Helping to do this was an army of volunteers, such as Duke, a family friend and charity trustee, who set up stalls and organised the day, Mad Mel, who dyed her hair orange for the event, and Mayzee the dog, who sported an orange doggie jacket for the occasion, plus a host of relatives, like Wendy, another of Alec’s aunts. There was the information stall manned by Lena and Dick, the tombola and cake stall run by a group of lovely ladies, all volunteers like Denise, Candy, Jill, and David, plus many more, too numerous to name, some of those also being trustees to the charity. All of these good folk regularly and readily give their time and energy to raise funds to support this charity, which has grown from a tiny seed to a well-run aid organisation.

There were lots of stalls there selling goods such as the incredible sweets from Sweets Adventure (the Maltesa mountain was fantastic), beautiful plants from Laker’s Nursery, delicious doughnuts from Nan’s Doughnuts, where a cute young lad called Brandon got stuck to his mum’s fridge, rescued by his big sister Abbie. Mum Ann told of how, having lost Dominique, her own child, she wanted to be involved with Alec’s Angels. There were wonderful cakes (believe me) from Coolberry café, natural beauty products from Judy’s stall, Forever Living Products, goodies from Sue’s Cakes and Preserves, whose products looked magnificent, and Samantha and Stuart’s, Crackling Fare, a pig roast stall. The cooking smell coming from their rotisserie was hard to resist. Pegasus, the mobile bar opposite, provided the more adult refreshments, owned by a larger than life, fun character called Steve. There were giant burgers, bacon butties and chips, plus much more from Caz Bar. Caz and his cousin Mario, kindly supplied the charity workers all day with free food and refreshments to keep them going. Coffee Stop, next door, sold the most delicious coffees, teas and cakes from this family run, great little mobile café. There was Hamzah, selling jewellery and other pretty trinkets, loads of great books on the Usbourne Books stall, and Xanthe Crafts, who displayed the most amazing homemade items. As well as these, the event had some unusual kinds of stalls, such as the Move Better Fitness Academy, who presented their sport’s mats, designed to improve the fitness of adults and kiddies. Then there was a stall that worked with coloured sand, making key rings and other items, which was fascinating to watch, and of course, a lady face painter called Nicki from Giggle Pots, whose designs were just incredible.

There was ice cream from Astore and Sons and a children’s big wheel ride, plus a massive bouncy castle and bouncy slides from CSB Roadshow. Mini Racing 8 Lane Scalextric provided folks with the excitement of racing cars around a giant track…great fun! All stall holders gave a percentage of their takings on the day to the charity.

Supporting the event was the services from Critical Care, whose boss, Tony, provided free for the event. Debbie and Rachel from this organisation were there to give medical assistance and health and safety cover. The police and the Winslow fire brigade turned out to support the charity day, and Winslow Scouts did a magnificent job with their clay pigeon shooting ‘experience’. Heart Fm Radio also sent two lovely ladies to take some photographs and promote the charity on their website.

I met some great youngsters at the event as well. There was 15 year old Amy and Scarlet, who came to help out for the day and Seb and his friends, who entered (and won) the kid’s ‘It’s a Knockout’ challenge. There was also a £58 donation given to Sara raised by footballers in Year 10, Buckingham School.

Then of course there were the adult contestants who lined up to compete in the ‘It’s a Knockout’ arena. These wonderful (and I have to say) virile and very handsome men, and beautiful, athletic women gave up their Sunday to jump over hurdles, climb giant obstacles and fall off of them, get soaked with water and soapsuds and generally make complete fools of themselves for our entertainment. There were eight teams altogether. Snow White turned up with her seven dwarfs, all sporting green beards and hats (not Snow White of course – she wore a tiger jumpsuit; naturally), and their mascots, Annabel, Danielle and Ele. The Plumbers were a great bunch of lads, although under pressure they admitted they were not all plumbers. Team Envirocab, who were supported by Ethical cabs and Your IT Works were confident of winning as they had trained very hard, and the Churchill Champions, staff from the Oxford hospital who treated Alec, described themselves as fit, fantastic, ridiculously good looking and raring to go. There was the Green Machine (or Green Light Autos; they could not make up their minds), who were fine specimens of men and a bevy of beautiful ladies. Their technical training regime was sleeping, eating and drinking, and bouncy castle experiences, according to Craig, their fitness instructor. He must have known what he was doing, as this team won. There was the gorgeous, all in pink, Boot’s Belles (even though one was a lad) from Boot’s pharmacy, and the home grown Alec’s Angels team, Alec’s Misfits, their motivational speaker, Duke (who unfortunately had suffered an injury and could not compete) said all knew Alec and had been formed at the last minute to contribute to the event. He described his team as amazing, fresh, zesty, light on their feet and a little crazy. Last but not least were the Ninja Turtles, all from local businesses in Buckingham. They described themselves as mature but athletic, winners and dynamic and said they liked curry quite a lot. Their training for the challenge consisted of eating arctic roll and jelly tots.

All competing teams comprised of friends, neighbours, relations, workmates, hospital staff, and just people from far and wide who wanted to do something for a great cause. They came together on a grey, cool June day and gave it their all.

Before the heavens opened up, the children’s teams lined up for ‘It’s a Knockout’ and like the adults, they too gave it their best shot. They were brilliant!

As I stood sheltering from the rain under my umbrella and watching the exhausted, wet and shivering teams collect their trophies, I felt an incredible pride. Standing in a field in a small market town in England at this event, I was proud to be a member of this community on this day, and proud to be wearing the orange shirt of Alec’s Angels. What a day, what a show!

The photography on the day was undertaken by Jane Kelly and Steve Robinson  from Photoshoot Magazine   Alec’s Angel charity is one of PM’s chosen organisations.

Thank you Freya and Friends :)


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Dear Brian

I first heard of the charity ‘Alec’s angels’ when my Nan and Grandad told me about ‘Its a Knockout’ in 2012. I was intrigued to find out more.

Then earlier on this year my class were choosing a charity to raise money for and I suggested ‘Alec’s Angels’. After explaining what the charity was about and why it started, they loved it. ‘Alec’s Angels’ became our chosen charity.

We went on to organise a ‘5k fun run’ and raise money. The run took place in June.

The run was 17 laps around our school field and then a barbecue afterwards, it was great fun. Although I was tired, remembering what Alec and his family had been through kept me going until I had completed it.

After all of this I went on too ask Brian (Alec’s Dad) to come into my school and give a presentation to my year. At the end of the assembly we handed Brian a cheque of £441.02 which was the total amount we had raised for Alec’s Angels.

St Michaels School Alecs Angels 024

 (Mr Njani Form Tutor and Maths Teacher a great sport who will be missed by them as he is leaving to go to another school they all wish him well.   Freya Hudson, Clare Croome, Haleema Sultan, Catherine Duke, Mark Croome, Christian North, George Bis, Jacky Jacob, Kieran Ohara, Charlie Walton, Marcelina Halatyn, Kelsea Young-George, Shamel Hamid, Patryk Kus and Candice Childress)

 A few people in my year who did not participate in the ‘fun run’ have said to me that they would love to get involved and help raise some money.

I have since found out that the money my class raised is going towards making a young girl smile, which is what Alec wanted to do.

Freya Hudson

20th July 2013



Milton Keynes Marathon


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Our team of six Alec’s Angels Marathon runners, From left to right, Neil Morton, Ben Cassidy, Ian Dunn, Sophie Walton, Rob Taylor & Rory Caveill in this picture being flanked by two trustees, David Beale & Brian Jarvis braved the red ways and completed the MK Marathon on Bank Holiday Monday raising more than £2,000 for Alec’s Angels, with sponsorship money still being collected.

Donned in their orange vest tops the Alec’s Angels runners ran 26.2 miles in glorious sunshine along the red ways, cheered on by the crowds & friends & families who came out to show their support. Rob Taylor completed the course in less than three hours and this was Sophie’s second marathon for Alec’s Angels, in total she has raised more than £1300.

We were delighted that once again so many individuals took up this demanding challenge and would like to thank all the runners for their dedication and hard work.


It’s a knockout 2012 where the money went


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Last year the people of Winslow and surrounding villages & towns came out in force to support Alecs Angels on June 24th 2012. Over 2000 people raised in excess of £7,000 with Graham Fisher’s International It’s a Knockout as the main event.

The money raised has gone to support families and children who are receiving treatment for cancer. This provided practical support and helped to bring a smile to their faces, whether in hospital or at home.rsz_img_2958

Below are details of where your money has gone:

The Alec’s Smile fund which was set up to brighten the lives of children on Kamran Ward at The Children’s Hospital in Oxford, were happy to receive a cheque for £2000. This is the most direct way that we can support the dedication of the medical team there, who strive to ensure that both children and their family remain paramount during treatment. Some of this money was used to provide a special gift to a terminally ill teenager. The family had hoped to attend the Winter Wonderland in London, but when this was not possible medically the money was used in part payment for a laptop so that the teenager could access social networking and the internet from the comfort of her room. Her mum was delighted that this was made possible, but not as delighted as the teenager, who continues to make daily use of the gift.

Helen & Douglas House Hospice in Oxford were also delighted to receive a cheque for £2000. This money has helped to fund volunteers to assist with the practical things when a family goes home after their child’s stay at the Hospice. The volunteers help out with everyday chores such as gardening, cleaning and tidying, things that can often overwhelm families caring for their child who is terminally ill. Helping with these tasks means that the families can concentrate on the important things.

Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund make a positive difference to the lives of children suffering with cancer and leukaemia throughout the Uk, by offering practical, financial and emotional support to the whole family. They were also happy to receive a cheque for £2000 which has been used to provide a range of projects such as care grants and respite breaks. One of the projects is the holiday home hamper scheme, which consists of hampers made up and sent out to the holiday homes – containing all the essentials like tea bags, milk & bread to keep them going, allowing the families to relax and enjoy the time without the worry of food essentials. The money has also funded special days out, such visits to the seaside.

Clic Sargent is the UK’s leading cancer charity for children & young people, and helps families and supports children and young people from birth to 24years old. They .received a cheque for £500 which has helped with funding free accommodation close to the hospital , nurses & social workers to support parents & siblings & the patient in hospital.

Sarah & Michael Rego, are the parents of an 8 year old boy, Antonio.who had terminal cancer. They also received £500 which helped towards funeral costs and enabled them to give their son the best send off .

So a big Thank you from Alec’s Angels, with your continued support we can make the smiles keep on coming.rsz_img_3015

The Gawcott Mile


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Alec’s Angels would like to thank the people who took part in the Gawcott Mile on Saturday 16th March, and raised over £1000. Some of the money was used to buy Easter craft kits from Hobby Craft in Milton Keynes. A special mention must also go to James the Manager who gave us a sizeable discount too.



The Craft kits were then taken to the ‘kamran Ward’ at the John Radcliff Hospital and Helen & Douglas House in Oxford. The items were greatly received as the children who are currently undergoing treatment for cancer, could then join in the Easter fun from their beds. The play assistants have reported that they thoroughly enjoyed the activies and it brought many a smile to their faces.

With the continuous support we can keep those smiles coming!

Its a knockout


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Due to the success of last year’s ‘It’s a knockout’ event we are holding our second it’s a Knockout Competition run by the truly original touring Graham Fishers International It’s a Knockout. The theme for this year’s event is Family Fun on Father’s day.

rsz_1untitled_panorama1-1024x367Once again the whole day will be very much centred around family fun and lots of it, in addition to the It’s a Knockout challenge, there will be a wide variety of activities including amazing helicopter rides, soak your dad in the stocks, race him on the Scalextric or capture that family moment with a studio photo as a memento of your day, and not forgetting all the many craft stalls, bar & hog roast.

If you would like to enter a team, of up to 10 competitors, it is a minimum donation / sponsorship of £500, and why not make it even more fun and come in fancy dress? Contact Brian Jarvis for more details on 07761661777

We hope you are able to support us in raising money to provide practical everyday help for families supporting children with life shortening conditions, whilst enjoying all the fun of this fantastic family fun day.

So put the date in your diary and come and join us in the fun, on Father’s day.

Date: Sunday 16th June 2013

Time: 10am/6pm

Venue: Winslow centre

Gawcott Mile


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Alec’s Angels would like to thank the people who took part in the Gawcott Mile on Saturday 16th March, and raised over £500. Some of the money was used to buy Easter craft kits from Hobby Craft in Milton Keynes. A special mention must also go to James the Manager who gave us a sizeable discount too.

The Craft kits were then taken to the ‘kamran Ward’ at the John Radcliff Hospital and Helen & Douglas House in Oxford.  The items were greatly received as the children who are currently undergoing treatment for cancer, could then join in the Easter fun from their beds. The play assistants have reported that they thoroughly enjoyed the activies and it brought many a smile to their faces.

With your continuous support we can keep those smiles coming!

New Office


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Alec’s Angels are pleased to announce the opening of our new office in Harold Wood, Essex.  This is a new venture dedicated to the ‘Name The Teddy Bear’ raffle, where all money raised goes directly to the families of children, who are suffering with cancer.

We are also liaising with staff at Centre Parcs, as we are looking into providing short breaks for these families. This will enable them to take time out from their intensive treatment and join in the fun with the whole family.

If you would like to know more about the ‘Name the Teddy Bear’ raffle, please Email:

Tel:   01708 345268

Family Christmas Quiz Night


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Hi People  come on all you ‘Eggheads’ to Gawcott Village Hall  join in on our quiz night bring friends and family young or old to make up teams of between 6 and 10. Don’t forget to make up team names a prize for the most obscure (keep it clean though it is a family thing) £5 per head includes jacket spud with filling please bring along your own drinks This all kicks off at 7pm on the 8th December to book your teams in contact Brian on 07761 661777 or email on