Isle of Wight Walking Challenge


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Isle of Wight Walking Challenge

Round the Island (Isle of Wight) 2017 in support of Alec’s Angels

Coastal Path

The Isle of Wight Coastal Path is a fantastic way to explore the Island leading you along many areas of spectacular coastline and beaches on a walk which covers 116 kms (72miles) of paths.

When are we planning to walk Isle of Wight Coastal Path?

Saturday 07 October – Friday 13 October 2017

Saturday Travel to Isle of Wight
Sunday East Cowes to Bembridge (15 miles)
Monday Bembridge to Ventnor (11.5 miles)
Tuesday Ventnor to Freshwater (19 miles)
Wednesday Freshwater to Shalfleet (17 miles)
Thursday Shalfleet to East Cowes (10 miles)
Friday Travel Home

How much will it cost?

The cost of the trip is £250 per person (£100 secures your place) and includes:
• Travel to and from the Isle of Wight
• Accommodation (6 nights in a single location for example Pelham Lodge, Ryde)
• All meals and non-alcoholic drinks

For more information contact Brian Jarvis on 07761 661777 or or via the Alec’s Angels Facebook page

V.I.P. Family Days Out To Woburn Safari Park


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Here are some pictures from the Selleck Family that spent the day having a VIP experience at Woburn. Including Land Rover safari up close experience. Feeding the penguins and meeting and greeting the lemurs and meerkats. We would like to thank all of our supporters who have helped to make this happen. This is the 2nd family out of 5 who will be getting this experience over the summer. As well as the day out the charity also passes an envelope to the family to make the day extra special to buy something from the gift shop, ice creams and food for the day

I wanted to say a big thank you for making Mary’s day yesterday. She had an amazing time – loved every minute of it, we had trouble getting her back in the car! It couldn’t have been done any better….. I know it will have such lasting memories with her. Woburn were brilliant, and we enjoyed being looked after by Bob – he is great whilst also giving us some amazing experiences seeing some of the animals so close. It was a truly memorable day for all of us as a family. Thank you so much.
I know how much Mary enjoyed it, as when we came back home she disappeared into her bedroom only to be making up her own zoo with her soft toys. They had homes and food just like at the safari park!
I would be happy to help others like you have helped us.
Amazing day – thank you,

Victoria, Mark, William and Mary x x x x

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Visit To Kamrans Ward and Helen & Douglas House Hospice


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Went to the John Radcliffe hospital and Helen and Douglas house hospice today.
Delivered Star Wars, Dory, Frozen, and Avengers Stickers. Kraft kits, Pens, Pencils, Paints, Glue, A4 and A3 Coloured paper, paint your own money boxes, and colouring books for all ages!
Thanks everyone for your support, lots of smiles will be made!

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Christmas In Hospital


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With your help we were able to make Christmas in hospital a little easier, and put some smiles on children’s faces!



Toys Being Delivered


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Went today to the children’s cancer ward to take lots of things for the kids to play with whilst they are having treatment! Pens, pencils, play-doh, craft kits, Lego figures, toy animals, and many other fun things!
Thank you all for your support it makes a difference!!!!

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Hadrian’s Wall Challenge 2015


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This was another fantastic challenge completed by amazing people which raised more valuable funds to continue the work of Alec’s Angels. Walking almost 95 miles in 4 days through such hilly conditions requires a special kind of person.  Well done and thank you to all who participated. 

Casino Night at The Crown, Granbrough


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Following the success of last year’s Casino Night we are raring to go for the next night booked for Friday 4th April 2014 at The Crown, Granbrough.   Free entry. Pay for Play Chips – largest winner wins a prize.  Professional dealers will help you experience a fun night playing Roulette, Black Jack and Poker

Ella Man to Iron Man


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Ella Estate Agent Mark Ayres has entered ‘Iron Man’ in South Africa next year…  An unrivalled test of strength, character and mind-body excellence!

Mark is the co-owner of Ella Homes, a local, independent Estate Agents and Letting Agents located in Buckingham and Winslow, North Bucks. Ella Homes has been up and running for 10 years, employing local people and operating with old fashioned values. As a company, Ella has always supported charities, largely those involved with leukaemia, but Tina, one of the ladies who work in Mark’s office, introduced him to Brian Jarvis. After he heard Brian’s sad story and about the local charity, Alec’s Angels that he runs, Mark thought it would nice to support this organisation.

Ella Homes decided to donate £100 from each of its sales to Alec’s Angels. The first target set out to aim for was £10,000, but after 6 months they had raised almost £9,000, so Mark set the target higher to raise £20,000 within 12 months.

£7.500 of the £9,000 had been raised by the company and Mark did a cycle ride from coast to coast – Morecombe to Bridlington, and raised the other £1,500.

Spurred on by this fantastic achievement, plus a few glasses of wine, Mark decided to enter himself in the Iron Man competition in South Africa. This involves a two and a half mile swim in shark infested water, a 112 mile bike ride, then, running a 26.2 mile marathon. For any (normal) person to do this would be daunting enough, but Mark has had six knee operations and was told by his surgeon ten years ago that with a 75 year old man’s knees, he should not be doing any running at all!


But Mark is clearly a determined character and has thrown himself into a fierce training regime to get fit for this gruelling event. He gets up at 5.30 am most days to train before he goes to work and then trains again after work, often not finishing until 8 pm at night. His training consists of four long swims a week, four long bike rides and four runs. Mark’s wife has even given up her job to support his efforts. Before April 2014, which is the end date for Ella’s fund raising period, he wants to exceed the £20,000 target already set. Mark has high hopes of achieving this and is talking to local businesses for their sponsorship. One has already offered a £500 donation. But  £20,000 is a big target and he will out there doing his best to spread the word about Alec’s Angels and what he wants to raise on their behalf.

Mark knows how much the charity touches people’s lives and is determined and very happy to contribute what he can to help this local cause. He knows that Alec’s Angels puts every penny they raise to good use.

The Iron Man challenge is not the last fund raising event that Mark has planned. He wants to do other things, such as hold a ball and an auction in aid of the charity. But these are for the future. For now, he has to get himself fit and concentrate on raising as much money as he can over the rest of the time period left. Having met this man, I feel sure he will do it!

Dr Jan Davidson – Alec’s Angels



Family Go Karting Day 8th December 2013 at Oxford Carting


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What an amazing day we all had… with special thanks to Oxford Carting and their team for their incredible generosity in providing the setting for a great family day out carting. Alec’s Angels also provided the refreshments for the whole day, for all the families.

The day began with the younger group (8 to 11 year olds) arriving to be greeted by Our Stig, The children went on the track and Our Stig joined them for some racing fun. The track was just like a normal road surface, with a little dampness and interesting corners that made it a challenge for the children to tackle.
The second session (12 – 15 year olds) went on and again, Our Stig made the race very exciting. With the track being dryer for this group, they were able to put up a good battle to Our Stig.

The third session (16 and over) was like a bare knuckle ride, with extreme speed in places. The session for this age group was a race for first place, with no holds barred.

At the finish of the day, each driver was presented with a medal, a certificate and a photo opportunity with Our Stig. It was really wonderful to watch the children collect their awards.

We would like to give a huge thanks to all our volunteers, the families and the drivers for making this day very special for everyone. We would also like to thank Steve and Alan at Greenlight Autos in Buckingham, for the time and energy they spent in making a customised Alec’s Angel’s cart with a dual passenger driver seat. The cart enabled Bryn to race with Our Stig.

After the event, Oxford Carting, the owners of the track, said that they got a great deal from the day and enjoyed watching the children have so much fun that they waved their fee and asked that the money be donated back to the charity. They said that it would mean a lot to their team to help Alec’s Angels bring more smiles to other children.

Thank you to everyone.

Just when we thought that the day could not get better we received this amazing letter…

Dear Brian,

Thank you so much for such a fabulous day at Oxford Karting on Sunday. My three boys are still glowing from their experience with The Stig. Aidan and Morgan got to do a little presentation at school with photos and certificates. Bryn took a write up of the day to school and its also on his Team Bryn facebook page.

My Day With The Stig

Thanks to Alec’s Angels I got to be a ‘star in a reasonably priced (go)car(t)’ and met someone very special

Some say he is powered by a cocktail of alcohol and petrol (not Dad). All I know is he’s called ‘The Stig’ (and has gentle hands!)

At first we all found him a bit scary – silent and still, giving that mildly menacing ‘visor stare’ until he got what he wanted (a bit like the look Mummy gives Daddy when her wine glass is empty!)

Then I got dressed in nomex (a race suit), a neck brace and helmet and the marshalls helped me get in a special 2 seat go-kart with the Stig. It was amazing … If Bugatti did wheelchairs they would be like this!! The faster we lapped the more I giggled. The more I giggled, the more I dribbled (sorry to whoever the helmet next!). I think the g force glued a big smile on my face and The Stig gave me a medal!

Morgan then did some crazy sideways power laps with The Stig and Aidan raced him head to head. They kept swapping lead but Aidan won … Just !!

What a fabulous day! But best of all, when The Stig helped me out of the go-kart, he had to lift his visor a little … and I saw what was behind the visor!!!….
…. but I promised not to tell anyone …and you wouldn’t believe me anyway!!!

Thank you so much again to Alec’s Angels for giving us all such fun memories.

Thanks again, we all had an amazing day.

Best regards,
Rhianon Hitchcock


The Three Peaks Challenge 2014


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This challenge involved climbing Ben Nevis – Scotland, Scarfell Pike – Lake District and Snowdon – North Wales within 24 hours, including travelling and sleeping!  It was an exhausting but exhilarating experience and raised a magnificent £5,000 which will be used to help so many families.