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Registered Charity Number 1146145

This site is dedicated to the memory of a very special little person. We want his love and laughter to be shared amongst the people who helped him most.


Who was Alec?

Alec Jarvis was an exceptional child. Like so many he had a natural zest for life but Alec also had an extraordinary wisdom that allowed him to see the world around him as few adults can.

In February 2010 Alec was diagnosed with an astrocytoma, which is a tumour in the brain stem. Despite enduring intense examinations and treatment such as MRI, CT & CAT scans, biopsies, six weeks of radiotherapy and six months of chemotherapy Alec always remained cheerful and more concerned about the other children that he came across with cancer than himself.


Alec’s Angels Aims

The selfless concern was so inspiring to those that met him, that following his death, Alec’s father Brian set up Alec’s Angels to raise funds in support of other children and families going through the same agony of childhood cancer.

One of the aims as specifically requested by Alec was to make children suffering from cancer SMILE. The other is to support the families who, as Alec’s parents know too well, find some of the smaller things in life impossible to manage when dealing with childhood cancer.

To continue the Alec’s Angels quest we need your help. We hope you can come join us at one of our events soon to help raise money for these awesome guys that gave so much; Helen & Douglas House, and CLIC Sargent. It’s our time to give back!

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2021 News

Co-op in Winslow, Deanshanger and Stony Stratford have made us one of their charities for this year!
To support us while you shop all you have to do is become a Co-op member and you can then select Alec’s Angels as your local cause. This can be done on the Co-op app or online. This means we will receive 1% of their community donation over the next year. If all of our lovely supporters did this it would mean a lot of funding for us for the next year!
You can also register your Amazon account to Amazon Smile. If you select us as your selected charity, and shop through smile.amazon.co.uk (rather than the usual Amazon.co.uk site), Amazon will donate 0.5% of the product price to us directly! It’s great way to passively support us without having to give away any of your own money!


For more information on our upcoming events please go to our Facebook page


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If you want to find out how to get involved and help Alec’s Angels,
then you can contact Brian either by phone or email:

Tel: 07761661777

Email: brian@alecsangels.co.uk


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16th April 2020

Alec’s younger brother and sister helped to choose some fun items to take to Helen & Douglas house hospice today! These will be used in the hospice and sent out in care packages to children’s homes. Thank you for your continued support to help put smiles on children’s faces.

Alec's father, brother and sister showcasing the new toys and activities they were able to purchase with the support of kind donation to Alec's Angels, these went to Helen and Douglas House Hospice.

Alec’s father, brother and sister showcasing the new toys and activities they were able to purchase with the support of kind donations to Alec’s Angels.