Help Week


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In this article Lauren Jarvis in Year 11 explains why we will be supporting the charity Alec’s Angels:

“This charity is close to my heart because it’s named in honour of my cousin Alec who passed away earlier this year because of a brain tumour.

Alec’s Angels is organised by my Uncle and works to raise money for three charities

Helen and Douglas House which is a children’s hospice and was where my cousin lived for a while.

CLIC Sergeant who cares for children and young people with cancer and

Lennox who help children suffering from cancer and leukemia throughout the UK by offering practical, financial and emotional support to the whole family.

Alec’s Angels want to give back to the people that helped them and I think this would be a nice and different charity for our school to get involved with.

By supporting this charity we would be helping three different organisations that aim to help people not only with brain tumours but other cancers and terminal diseases. Alec’s Angels has only recently been set up and therefore would appreciate any support it can receive. At the moment I think a charity like this that concerns a student in particular at school could really help bind our school community together and therefore encourage everyone to do their best to raise money.

Alec’s Angels is a great charity and is already arranging other event throughout the year such as ‘It’s a Knockout’ to help fundraise but I know if we help as well they’d be very grateful and happy that we chose them out of other well known charities. If we can support this local charity that will encourage support throughout not just the school but the local community we would be making a difference. I know personally for me, I would be so happy knowing that I helped raise money and support this cause that is so personal as well as raising awareness about brain tumours, I hope John Colet can help make a difference and can really help Alec’s Angels help others.

Lauren Jarvis – 11D