PJ’s Night


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Our Event on Saturday night at The Sun Public House, was a first for the Romford Office, and was very successful, and that was because of the kind generosity by the staff and customers, and the people who purchased the raffle tickets prior to the event. A very very big thank you has to go to Sue and Esther from The Sun for laying on 2 fantastic singers, and a great d.j.

What made the night complete was the young boy P.J. from Dagenham who we have been fund raising for the last 6 weeks, was able to leave the UCH hospital, Euston, London, where he is receiving treatment to collect his presents. Alec’s Angels raised funds to buy him a top of the range I Pad, and all the accessories needed. (photos attached).

As a small charity we think it’s very important that normal working class people who are so kind and generous should see where their money is being used, our website is www.alecsangels.co.uk [1]. Our address is Alec’s Angels, 63 Athelstan Road, Romford, Essex, RM3 0QD, Tel no: 01708 345268

Lisa Sherrin

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A special thanks to Karlson Workplace Technology for their generous support.

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