Oliver’s Story


Posted on : 13-09-2013 | By : admin | In : News

Oliver Smith

Oliver Smith is a 5 year old boy who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in 2009 at the very young age of 1.   We started fundraising on his actual 5th birthday.


Natalie who is Oliver’s mum, noticed that he was holding things very near to his face so he could see them. She made several GP visits and was told there was nothing wrong with him. Like any mother would, she changed her GP and went for a second opinion where they sent him for many tests and found 5 Tumours.

He has endured lots of Chemotherapy, which has now left him with one tumour, but unfortunately that last tumour is pushing on his optical nerve and has left him registered blind. He is totally blind in his left eye and only has 10% vision in his right, he does walk with a white cane. But Natalie has told us that Oliver copes with this amazingly well for someone so young.

We here at Alec’s Angels are going to do as much as possible to make some special request come true i.e: Decorating Oliver’s play room to adjust to his needs now (super heros style) and to make some adjustments to his garden to make it safe and more enjoyable for him to play out there.

If there is any way that you may be able to help in fundraising for Oliver, could you please contact the Harold Wood Office on: 01708 345268 or email; lisa@alecsangels.co.uk


Thanking everybody who has taken part in the teddy bear raffle or 50/50 game to raise funds for Oliver’s Appeal. This is what you helped to achieve. All the presents of Oliver’s Christmas list


A really special thank you to ADS for decorating Oliver’s playroom in the Superhero fashion he wanted ‘Superman’  and also supplied three extra special gifts from Olivers Christmas list.

A special thanks to Barry, Paul, Brian, Terry, Alan and all at BPC Interiors for the dishwasher so that mum can know sterilise all of Oliver’s equipment easily.

Special thanks to Squibbs Pamper Hamper for the beautiful hamper they send to Oliver’s mum.

The garden will be completed after christmas when the weather is better.

Thank you x