Making Smiles

In March 2013 we expanded and opened a small office in Harold Wood, Romford, where we ask small businesses to help us fund raise by doing “Name the Teddy Bear” raffles and 50/50 Game cards. We have many requests for help, some big and some small and so far we have not let anyone down.

Name the Teddy Bears

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A BIG thank you to Mathew, Hazel and all the staff at the Disney Store, Romford

Alec’s Angels would like to say an enormous thank you to all the disney staff at The Disney Store Romford, for all their hard word on the special event they held for Alec’s Angels on the 26th November 2013.

You raised a wonderful £152.67 with your tombola raffle and delicious cakes. All the staff that evening were so very helpful and full of fun.

We cannot tell you how wonderful the donation of the Duffy Bears are and what a smile they will put on the children that will be spending their Christmas in hospital or at a hospice.  It is a difficult time for all the family and if there is any way we can make to a more happy one, then our job is done, so with your valuable help we can achieve this.

Once again thank you very much.

Duffy Bears will be distributed to:

John Radcliffe Children Cancer Ward, Helen Douglas House Children Hospice, Queens Hospital, Richard House Hospice, Little Haven Hospice and King Georges Hospital

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Thanks to Robbie Williams & Olly Murs

On Friday 5th July, Alec’s Angels made it possible for 3 young adults, Leoni Willet, Libby Turner & Sarah Louise Long, who have been diagnosed with cancer, to see Robbie Williams on this ‘Take the Crown’ stadium tour in Wembley.

 They were met by Brian Jarvis, Trustee of Alecs Angels, at ‘The Club Wembley’ entrance to the Stadium and were presented with their tickets and spending money, so they could buy t-shirts and programmes.  Also representativesfrom Alec’s Angels were on hand and chaperoned the girls inside the Concert, to make insure their day was as special and enjoyable as it could be.

Sarah Louise, who was unable to get to the concert, due to transport difficulties, was picked up in a chauffeur driven car, courtesy of Alec’s Angels, and driven to the concert and back home again afterwards. After the Concert Sarah’s Auntie Lorraine who accompanied her said, “The Concert was amazing and really was a reprieve, as it has been a hard few months for Sarah”.

 Leoni and Libby both had a fabulous night and thanked us for the chance to see Robbie Williams & Olly Murs.

 As you can see from the pictures the smiles keep coming, this we can only do with the help and support of all our fundraisers.


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Oliver Smith

Oliver Smith is a 5 year old boy who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in 2009 at the very young age of 1.   We started fundraising on his actual 5th birthday.


Natalie who is Oliver’s mum, noticed that he was holding things very near to his face so he could see them. She made several GP visits and was told there was nothing wrong with him. Like any mother would, she changed her GP and went for a second opinion where they sent him for many tests and found 5 Tumours.

He has endured lots of Chemotherapy, which has now left him with one tumour, but unfortunately that last tumour is pushing on his optical nerve and has left him registered blind. He is totally blind in his left eye and only has 10% vision in his right, he does walk with a white cane. But Natalie has told us that Oliver copes with this amazingly well for someone so young.

We here at Alec’s Angels are going to do as much as possible to make some special request come true i.e: Decorating Oliver’s play room to adjust to his needs now (super heros style) and to make some adjustments to his garden to make it safe and more enjoyable for him to play out there.

If there is any way that you may be able to help in fundraising for Oliver, could you please contact the Harold Wood Office on: 01708 345268 or email;


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PJ’s Night


Our Event on Saturday night at The Sun Public House, was a first for the Romford Office, and was very successful, and that was because of the kind generosity by the staff and customers, and the people who purchased the raffle tickets prior to the event. A very very big thank you has to go to Sue and Esther from The Sun for laying on 2 fantastic singers, and a great d.j.

What made the night complete was the young boy P.J. from Dagenham who we have been fund raising for the last 6 weeks, was able to leave the UCH hospital, Euston, London, where he is receiving treatment to collect his presents. Alec’s Angels raised funds to buy him a top of the range I Pad, and all the accessories needed. (photos attached).

As a small charity we think it’s very important that normal working class people who are so kind and generous should see where their money is being used, our website is [1]. Our address is Alec’s Angels, 63 Athelstan Road, Romford, Essex, RM3 0QD, Tel no: 01708 345268

Lisa Sherrin

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 PJ’s Story

Peter, or PJ as he prefers to be called, is a sixteen year old youngster from Dagenham, who is a great West Ham supporter. He lives with his mum, Kathleen, and has a sister Charlotte, and two brothers, Antony, and Ashley.  Although since March of this year, PJ has been in the University College Hospital (UCH), Euston, after he was diagnosed with having Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL).

After intense chemotherapy, PJ unfortunately contracted septicaemia and was on a life support machine for a week. This left him with muscle wastage and in a wheelchair. He is currently on a plan to rebuild his strength and it is hoped that, in time, PJ will make a full recovery from this.

However, quite understandably, at this moment in time, the youngster is very down. This was an important year for him at school, but he missed his exams and the end-of-year prom. Alec’s Angels set out to see what they could do to cheer up PJ and make him ‘smile’. His sister, Charlotte, contacted the charity and said that her brother would love an iPad, so this is what Alec’s Angels is currently raising funds for. PJ loves party music, and his favourite groups are One Direction and JLS. He also likes action films, such as Spiderman and the X Men, so this new kind of ‘tablet computer’ is just the thing for him to use whilst he is recovering. Not only does Alec’s Angels plan to give PJ an iPad, but they want to provide him with all the accessories that go with it.

The Local Borough of Barking and Dagenham have been very helpful towards this family and are currently installing a new kitchen and wet-room to accommodate PJ when he returns home. There is other work needed in the house and Alec’s Angels is looking to see what it can do in this regard.

This is a wonderful help for mum Kathleen and she is very grateful, but Alec’s Angels want to do something for her personally. She has gone through the mill these last four months with watching her young lad being so poorly and it was felt that it would be nice to do something for her as well.

We give PJ, Kathleen, and the rest of the family our very best wishes for their future.

Alec’s Angels